Thursday, September 3, 2009

you had a bad day...

more like WEEK. lets count the ways... transmission went out. the same weekend i get it fixed a screw gets stuck in my tire on my way to work and now i have a flat tire.

3. locked my keys in my car on saturday night while trying to have a good time at a party. pop-a-lock too more time to receipt me then to break my car open. 55 bucks.

4.didnt know which books to buy for my classes, and since they are internet i have a zero already.

5. have to pay mom back for buying book.

6. chase account in negative 50 bucks for something stupid, i was TRYING to close the card dammit.

7. fought with mom. twice.

8.only seen bf once this week.

9. got an occurance for being late to work.***someone cut me off almost hit me and gave me a heart attack, turns out shes a coworker.

10. my check once i get it is already gone, so im planning on being broke most of september, damn biweekly paychecks!! gaining weight cuz im stressed. ex told me i was fat. hair sucks monkey butt!!!!

14.forgot my formal dresses are still at the drycleaners!! another 60 bucks there

just pray that i win the lottery everyone!!

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