Sunday, September 20, 2009

Obama, Health Care and Stupidity

In order for anyone to understand the rage im feeling you first have to understand me. Bush's 8 years did the worst to my family and our annual income, as it has on millions of american families. now this president was down right stupid. I cried when he won the second time, seriously upset. No child left behind-haha sure. The war on terrorism-yea right, thanks for letting thousands of our men die for not enough proof and very little reason. DEFICIT-this is a big one for me. George Bush's term started with a surplus in our budget and ended in such a defecit that the unemployment rate is reaching 10% here. Almost every american who hasnt been affected by layoffs or unemployment at least knows someone who has.
I was a full time student on scholarship when I started college. Missed my required GPA by 0.02 and therefore lost my scholarship to the university of louisville. Paid for one semester with only a stafford loan and realized I couldnt afford it. So I moved back home and transfered to community college. That same febuary my father lost his job. I got a job at ups on the twilight shift with the opportunity to get insurance in 1 year. Now take a look at me. A full time working student who did everything the right way and still didnt have insurance. Didnt even qualify for a medical card because IM NOT PREGNANT or have kids, how ridiculous! It wasn't until this august when I got a job at the health department that I became so passionate about what my president is trying to do. Now I have healthcare but had it not been for this new job, I would be one of those people who benefitted from his plan and Im not the person using the government as a crutch. Im just one of millions of americans who was put in a undesireable financial situation by the econmic crisis our former president pretty much single-handedly caused with the deficit he left us with. Guess you republicans forgot that itty bitty fact, cuz you mos def weren't saying a thin when he was messing everything up! What a great man NOT! and watching people who come in everyday to the health department brings it closer to home for me.

How could you deny the fact that everyone deserves healthcare by saying stupid things like now were turning into russia? To those religious republicans, I have one thing to say; Jesus would have never denied a soul who came to him for help, he always tried to help everyone. So i bet you think he's a communist too then right?? You know, being healthy is living well. So having health care is preserving your health and life. Denying someone healthcare is like denying their right to live healthy. I hope that makes sense, I'll find a better way to say it later. It seriously makes me hot with anger to just talk about this but i had to get it out somewhere. And what else is a blog for right?
Joe Wilson interrupted the president during his address to congress saying, "you lie!" ok so what other time in the history of our country has that ever happened???
another thing, check out these pics of protesters, I SEE THAT RACIST AMERICA ALL OF SUDDEN WANTS TO SHOW ITS UGLY FACE!
Only thing is everyone doesnt qualify, this plan will pick up the people who dont have insurance and who dont qualify for medicaid/medicare.
So if you a brain, dont listen to the bull crap Mr. Limbaugh and Joe Wilson along with others are forcing down your throats. This isn't a government takeover, no ones killing old people, we are not turning socialist, this plan is not white slavery, and white kids on school buses everywhere will prolly get beat up whether or not this plan goes into effect. Just saying. Bully's are everywhere.

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