Tuesday, March 17, 2009

first post }the blog name

never had a blog before.

but since i spend so much time on the computer i figure i might as well.

so the name diamonds and dandelions. i just got inspired to write a poem/song while trying to think of a blog title. and this is what formed.
[EDIT: I CHANGED THE NAME. didnt feel diamonds and dandelions would do me justice.]

lifes about simple pleasures.

blowing the dandelions in the spring,

pretending to be looking for a gift at the jewelers jus to get a peek at how much diamonds really shine or maybe pick out that wedding ring...ha well one day,

playing in the rain when the suns out, eating a big bowl of cereal with saturday morning cartoons, lip syncing every tune in yourpod while driving,

having jam sessions rocking the mic(aka brush), diging your toes in the cold part of the sand,

watching trashy tv and laughing your ass off,

feeling the emotions rush through you as that one song/smell/vision takes you back into time without the delorian or Doc.

three letters D I Y,buying that tira misu right after the gym,a sea breeze,

being the only one on the dance floor and loving it,a childs smile,honey in your tea,

waking up with that special someone,smelling his cologne,

accidental touches in a crowded room,

and the list can go on...comment or add to it if you would like

this is just my take on things

one, two, 1, 2